There is no night My wife do not urinates on the bed-Newly married man seeks divorce

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According to the narrative of Mr Deji from Ibadan his wife who he just got married to urinates every day on their bed. He is presently agitated and wishes to call off the marriage saying it’s a taboo from where he comes from.

In this short letter to relationship expert Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah anchor of iRelationship make or mar he complained bitterly and said he has even moved out of his house as a result of this.

Let’s hear Deji out and give him a bit of advice.

Hey Osigwe, how is your day going? Please, I am terribly troubled as regards my marriage which is just barely 3 months old. I am married to this Benin girl called Adesuwa. We abstained from sleeping together till after her wedding. I guess because of this I never knew she had a terrible habit.

My wife urinates on the bed every day. Actually, I suspect she knew this terrible habit was unaccommodating hence she preached abstinence all this while.

My wife deceived me knowing fully well at the age of 29 she still urinates on the bed.

From the part of Ibadan, I come from its a taboo to cohabit with someone who wets the bed. I have complained to my father and he says that it was an old taboo that was made out of ignorance and wetting the bed was actually a medical condition that can be cured. He says he sees nothing wrong with it if she is good at other things.

My mum is on the same page with my dad and also with some few friends who I confided in.

Actually, my wife is the happiest nurse I have ever come across in my life. Very contented and intelligent.

In my town, an adult that wets the bed brings bad-luck to everyone around them.

Since I got married to her all my customers suddenly became debtors.

Since I noticed it I have parked out of my house and taking refuge in my best friends house.

Now my best friend’s wife is angry with me and has called me out. She has given me a quit notice to go and reconcile with my wife. She gave me only two days to leave their house.

I have told her to leave my house before my return from where I went to take refuge this week.

I am presently confused now because I left my Yoruba girlfriend to get married to her.

Please at what time can I divorce her as a friend said it was too early and the courts would not grant a divorce?

What do I do ? does her condition have a remedy?

Regard Deji

Well, we have heard Deji out.

My Advise to Deji is to, first of all, seek a good counsellor and book a session alongside himself and his wife. It seems Deji is having a secret affair and using her wetting of the bed as an excuse to kick her out. I have a doctor I can refer Deji to for medical examination of Adesuwa.

So let’s hear you out. What are your views? Your sincere comments could go a long way in assuaging Deji as he would be reading every comment.

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