Comedian Trevor Noah suggests husband/ wife should live separately

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Internationally renowned comedian and TV host, Trevor Noah really thinks that there should be no such thing that a couple must live together whether it is before or after the marriage.

According to Mr Noah, he is a big advocate for not living together before marriage, or “ever”, and believes cohabiting is the main reason people get separated.

The Daily Show host appeared on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show where he shared his views on relationships and marriage.

“I’m a big advocate for not living together ever, even if you’re in a marriage … I think one of the biggest reasons people get divorced and relationships break-up is caused by this cohabiting bulls**t that people believe is the way relationships are supposed to be.”

Trevor added that he is baffled by the idea that everyone is designed to live the same way and said he believed that intimacy could be expressed in different ways.

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