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The new area superintendent of The Apostolic Church Nigeria, Nyanya Area, Fct Field Abuja Apostle Samuel Ikpe, has revealed his vision and agenda for Nyanya Area .The clergy who described Nyanya Area as the mother Area, the first Assembly in Fct Field, Mega Area and digital area said Nyanya is okay but that more work still needed to be done. The senior pastor who was transferred from Covenant Area Lagos to Nyanya Area said he is ready to work in the area.he summarized his intended areas of action into 5 points as follows .

(1) To fund each District through Area combine Services to be rotating within the three district hqtrs with funds being raised to the host.he explained that this will go along way to ameliorate financial challenges in the districts.

(2) To look into members welfare: he reiterated the fact that any pastor that focuses on church building alone without considering his members welfare will soon loose the members. Church is members, without which it can’t function.

(3) To provide a permanent residence for nyanya assembly pastor.

(4) To fix the front view of the area hqtrs as well as constructing drainage to channel water away from the church during rainy season.

(5) To build a good security post.

The senior pastor while filling questions from press during a Media chat in the area Hqtrs, ” also spoke on his plans on evangelism, maintening that evangelism is the only prerequisite for church growth.he stated that there are two types of evangelism, one-on-one and group evangelism promising to carry out the two without fear or favour. The clergy also made it clear that evangelism is a task meant for all Christians and not only pastors.

However, the senior pastor who described himself as a long time Pastor in the field that spent 22 years right from worker until he was Ordined as an Apostle 2017, urged the members of the Church who used their mouth to scared Others members aware to use the same mouth to bring them back, he also thank Fct Field Superintendent, Apostle J. A. Buzu, Nyanya Assembly, Nyanya district and Nyanya area members for their job well done in the area, he appreciate Nyanya Area media and others that were present during Media chat with him, he encouraged media, especially TACN Nyanya Area media to carry church activities along, I urged you media to cooperate with us, work with us, visit Pastors in the Area time to time, shunt false information and blackmail, I’m ready to work and partner with you, said Apostle Ikpe.

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