Please Approve Ibom seaport, Udom begs FG- DEE Fire MEDIA

AKHA Akwa Ibom Reports Big Story Editor's Pick Hon. Onofiok Luke

Akwa Ibom state Governor Deacon Udom Emmanuel cried out to Government of President Buhari to Approve Ibom seaport to enable the state Government to commence activities immediately.

Udom was one of the guest speakers and one of the awardees during Public Book Presentation in Honoured of Chief Dr. Clement Nyong Isong, the first Secretary of Central Bank of Nigeria and the First Governor of same Central Bank of Nigeria, at Yardua Center Abuja, Udom emphasized that approving Ibom seaport will create employment for Nigerians.

In his statement “there is no way FG would approve Ibom seaport without employing at least about five thousand (5000) youth for the construction” His Excellency, Deacon. Udom Emmanuel also show the readiness and ability to start the work immediately if FG of Nigeria approve the project.

Udom also acknowledged joblessness is one of the reasons why the country experiencing more kidnapping, killing, Rubbery and other social vises in the country. According to the Governor, there is no way someone will be busy doing his job and also think of kidnapping and killing someone. Therefore,
the approval of the Seaport will not only solve these crimes but the Seaport will also boost commercial activities in the state thereby creating both direct and indirect job opportunities for the Nigerians.

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